BioGeometry is our precious sponsor and partner for many years. The company generously donated thousands of CHF for many of the projects run by FOH, which were close to its heart. For the month of December, BioGeometry gives us a portion of its respective sales. We propose in this news a small description of the company that have supported us for so long and some details about its offer and the amount of its donation.



BioGeometry is an enterprise created by Dr Karim Ibrahim 50 years ago, that sells products related to the science of the same name.

This science is defined like this: BioGeometry is an energy-quality design language of shapes, colors, sounds, and motions aimed at resonating with and amplifying a natural energy-quality combination that introduces balance to the energetic functions of biological systems.

The purpose of this science is to harmonize the places and plays a protective role against magnetic and geopathic radiation.


For the end of the year, BioGeometry donates 16% of the value of its customers’ purchases to Friends of Humanity.

Today, BioGeometry has already donated 3’000 CHF to FOH with this offer !

Elite Rent-a-Car


Elite is an enterprise which strives to maintain the highest standards.

As the leading luxury car rental operator in Europe, serving a discerning and demanding clientele, their professional staff recognize that attention to detail is paramount, and are always prepared to go the extra mile for each customer. Since the company’s inception in 1987, a few key words have helped define their philosophy and provide motivation for their employees:

  • Service
  • Quality
  • Availability
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

It’s on the basis of these five key concerns that they have sought to build the Elite network and expand the scope of their activities. By constantly remembering the importance of these key questions and appraising their answers, they continue to fuel the dreams of their clients and secure the future successes of the company.


For the end of the year, Elite Rent-a-Car donates 7% of the value of its customers’ purchases in December to Friends of Humanity.