Since January 2023 PridenoShame focused on providing sanitary pads for those women and adolescents in Rwanda who needs them the most.

Organic, compostable, absorbent, and breathable UZIMA sanitary pads were donated to a number of Nongovernmental organisations:

5400 pads were donated to Mahama refugee Camp. Our dear partners Maison Shalom kindly helped us with delivery and distribution.

2816 pads were donated to Rwanda Women Network, organisation that supports and empower women in their women spaces all over Rwanda.

6120 pads were donated to Hero Women Ricing, organisation that works to improve living conditions of women and adolescents in Congo.

Also we donated UZIMA sanitary pads to public schools of rural areas outside the Kigali and schools next to Mahama Camp, where kids and adolescents from refugee family’s study.

7680 pads were donated to G.S Saint Aloys Gacurabwenge school in Kamonyi

12042 pads were donated to G.S. Bubazi school in Kamonyi

5340 pads were donated to G.S. Saint Bernard Murambi school in Kamonyi

3540 pads were donatedto EP Gishubi school in Kamonyi

3630 pads were donated to GS Paul Kirwa school in Kamonyi

8142 pads were donatedtoG.SMwendoschool

6000 pads were donatedtoG.SRugaragara school inGicumbi

6260 pads were donated toG.S St Catherine congoli school in Gakenke

9294 pads were donated to E.S.P Ruli school in Gakenke

7320 pads were donated to G.S Rwahitss school in Gakenke

7040 pads were donated to Paysannat L.E school next to Mahama Camp

13720 pads were donated to Paysannat L.B school next to Mahama Camp

9752 pads were donated to Paysannat L.C school next to Mahama Camp

13160 pads were donated to Paysannat L.D school next to Mahama Camp

12776 pads were donated to Paysannat L.A school next to Mahama Camp


Now we are working on creating awareness to use sanitary pads regularly among women and adolescents in Rwanda. Together with Rwanda Women Network FOH plans to provide Hygiene two days training to a group of women who later can become trainers and ambassadors to educate other young women and adolescents.

FOH appreciate every donation you made, dear donors. Thanks to your help all those adolescents and women don’t need to use piece of clothes while menstruating but have a proper organic, compostable sanitary pad.