Pride no Shame


This project will have a direct impact on improving the lives of refugee women in Rwanda. Indeed, access to sanitary pads will not only enable them to limit absences from work, which greatly reduces their economic independence, but also, this simple gesture of hygiene will give these Rwandan women greater access to education.

The manufacture of the sanitary pads by women refugee will also be a source of employment and income.

Finally, raising awareness about the use of the sanitary pads will have a direct effect on the entire female refugee community, greatly improving their daily living conditions.


This project is humanitarian, and also environmentally friendly. Indeed, its sustainability will be a key element, since all the used sanitary pads will be 95% compostable and the 5% waste leftover will be used for other manufacts.

Moreover, in the same solidarity concern, the manufacturing model is not limited to Rwandese refugee camps. Once is fully sustainable, while improving the quality of life of women refugees in the long term, it will be replicated in other areas of Africa. A second unity is already in the pipeline for Kenya.


Uzima project ultimate goal is to become completely self-sufficient. To achieve this, the sales of the pads will first cover the salaries and the future supply of raw materials. Aim is to create a Cooperative:give knowledge and support, make activity profitable and ultimately let the cooperative run itself.The margin created will be used to extend this model in other camps, as said above.

The production is for women, made by women. From this perspective, the women will be trained to teach other women about the importance of using the sanitary pads, in order to share the knowledge and skills to new recruits. In this way, we create a virtuous circle of training.


The success of this project depends mainly on the great skills of its team composed of experimented workers. They all have great expertise with issues related to the field.

This ensures that the project is constantly directed by professionals from the technical, industrial, commercial, health and prevention sectors. We want to put all the chances on our side in order to guarantee its feasibility but also its sustainability in the long term.

Another indispensable factor for its success is your participation ! It can be financial as well as physical or immaterial. Through the contribution of your knowledge and skills.